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An article written by then chairman, John Wilkins, for Spotlight in 1966 has been uploaded. Click here to read it.
This section of the site was originally developed by Michael for the Taunton Thespians, with a lot of help from John Burbery and Jane.
Every play performed will have its own page. Those already uploaded are linked from the various year pages. From these pages, links will lead to individual members' pages. This is a fairly monumental task, and won't be complete for ages. Production, cast and rehearsal photos will also become part of the mix. This isn't just a record of those who have performed, but as comprehensive as it can be, recording all the contributions made to the creation of shows throughout the history of Taunton Thespians. It doesn't matter whether someone has played the lead or moved the chairs, the show would not have happened without everyone contributing.
There are lacunae; some early programmes are incomplete, some performances are recorded but no information about the participants has survived. If you can help fill in the gaps, please get in touch via the Contact link above
KEY: (oa)= One Act (ih)= In House (tr)= Tour. All other productions are full-length and in a theatre.

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