Computer help for humans

  • Shouting at computer

    Slow computers are a nightmare. Often, there's a simple solution

  • Tablet woman
    Device Setup

    If you've got a new tablet or computer, setting it up can be a complicated and tedious process.

  • Hacker wallet

    Viruses, malware, hackers, phishing, ransomware... it's easy to get caught out.

About Me

My name is Michael Gilbert, and I've been involved with the computer industry since the early 1980s. One thing that was always apparent was that people who know stuff don't understand that most people don't have their knowledge. The amount of jargon is quite horrible.

My goal is to help normal people get the most out of their technology, starting by clearing away the layers of waffle and making sense of what you actually need to know.

On Pause

Just now, I'm in the process of relocating to Ireland, so I'm not really available in my old patch any more. I have thoroughly enjoyed providing support to people in the area for the past several years, at a sensible rate. Hopefully there's someone else out there who can do the same thing. I'll keep my eyes open and let people know if I find someone I can recommend