Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse

The Odeon, Taunton 25th – 27th October, 1965
Alice Hobson Frederica Arthurs
Maggie Hobson Pat Dawson
Vickey Hobson Barbara Gulliford
Albert Prosser Nigel Thorn
Henry Hobson Raymond Crook
Mrs Hepworth Gwen Wilkins
Timothy Wadlow Ewart Evans
Jim Heeler Arthur Moorhouse
Ada Figgins Judith Gardiner
Fred Beenstock David Watkin
Dr Macfarlane James Glover
Producer William Sleep
Stage Manager Peter Faram
Lighting Ian Marfell
Assistant Stage Managers Josephine Mear and Phyllis Baker
Properties Mollie Parrfrey and Betty Osmond
Assistant Electrician Kenneth Fieldhouse
Calls Pauline Allen
Settings constructed and painted by Christopher Gulliford, George Finch, John Lock, David Gent, Peter Hopkins, Sydney Banks, Susan Hale, Frances Langford
Under the direction of John Wilkins
The play dressed by the Thespians’ Wardrobe Department under the direction of Gwen Wilkins
Assisted by Mary Finch and Edna Field
Front of House or Acknowledgments
Front of House Manager Fred Pallett
Stewards Directed by Alex Yandall
Programme Sellers Directed by Noreen Marfell
Box Office Vera Rich