Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

Farewell, Farewell Eugene by John Vari,
adapted by Rodney Ackland

The Corfield Hall, Taunton 27th – 30th November, 1968
Minerva Goody Pat Dawson
Florence Povis Audrey Angell
Queenie Bosworth Jennie Barlow
Willie Bosworth Tim Fawle
Peony Povis Maureen Henson
Mick Delaney John Reynolds
Mrs Bosworth Margaret Tranfield
Mr Bosworth Edward (Ted) Goldsmith
Mrs Flack Gwen Wilkins
Directed by Elsie Goldsmith
Stage Director Sydney Banks
Stage Manager Ian Marfell
Lighting John Stevens
Wardrobe Mistress Elsie Goldsmith
Assisted by Dorothy Banks
Setting constructed by Sydney Banks
Assisted by Elizabeth Mortimer White and John Lock
Properties Angela Wootten and Margaret Harris
Assistant Stage Managers Janice Marfell and Hilary Marshall
Sound Effects Ewart Evans
Front of House or Acknowledgments
Front of House Manager Fred Pallett
Stewards Directed by Ralph Martin
Programme Sellers Directed by Noreen Marfell
Box Office William Rich
Coffee Betty Lea and Marjorie Balman
Flower arrangements Jennifer Collins